My upcoming Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Mexico!

I’m joining forces with the awesome and talented Blissful and Fit Chef (aka Christy Morgan) to bring you another unforgettable yoga retreat. We decided to do it a bit closer to home this year, to make it more accessible. (And more affordable! Win/Win.)
We’re going to a beautiful resort in Sayulita, Mexico, a beach-side village nYoga and Wellness Retreat in Mexicoear Puerta Vallarta. We’ll feed you, stretch you, and teach you skills to bring home to your daily life.
Puerta Vallarta Yoga Retreat




I’ve been involved in many wellness programs, and many of them will provide healthy food and take you through a workout class. But there was always one large failing…most of the people went home after their week was up, and went right back to their normal lifestyles. Since they were just handed food and scheduled a workout, they didn’t have any skills to take home with them; no healthy chefs to cook their family’s meal, no place on-site to do a workout. We want to change that. We want to take you through cooking classes and show you how to make vegetables delicious. We want to show you how to make a healthy meal plan, and give you tips on how to stick with it. We want to show you correct form when you workout, and how to make a doable workout plan. We want you to have the power to fix many of your own aches and pains through stretching and self massage. Basically, we want to give you the gift of knowledge and skills that you can keep with you forever.

So come join us, relax by the pool, surf in the warm beach, and learn while you’re at it! For details, please visit our Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Mexico page, or feel free to contact me with questions.