Amazon and Macchu Picchu New Year’s Yoga Retreat!

Amazon and Macchu Picchu New Year’s Yoga Retreat!
Yoga Retreat in Peru


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Come join me in the rainforest and the Sacred Valley of Peru. Traveling is one of my favorite things, and South America is my favorite place. I’d love to share my South-American adventures with you, and I have 12 days of pure awesome planned. Check out the information on my retreat page.

New Year Yoga RetreatWe will start the trip with 5 days in the Amazon Rainforest. We’ll be taking boats down the Amazon, to see fauna and wildlife that only exist here. WhereAmazon Yoga Retreat else can you feed and swim with pink dolphins? There’s also monkeys, sloths, fish, and “pre-historic” birds. We’ll also get the rare opportunity to visit an indigenous tribe, seeing how they live their life on the river, while meeting with their Shaman. This will culminate in a  Amazon New Year’s celebration!

After, we will fly to the Sacred Valley, where you can see history everywhere. (Since I studied anthropology, I really go crazy for this stuff. The origin of gold as a currency? Ancient cities high in the Andes? A fountain that was been flowing for thousands of years? Structures only viewable from the air???? Ahhhhhhhh!!!) We will visit the famed Machu Picchu, and exploNew Year Yoga Retreatre the ancient Pisac ruins. We will visit a local market, and explore the streets and history of the awesome city of Cuzco.

And I forget to mention…all of this unforgettable travel experience, plus a daily yoga practice! We will explores all the wonderful structures of our body, while learning techniques or self-healing. Everyone will get their own “Yoga Tune Up” massage balls, which you can take home with you along with tools for structural maintenance. If you weren’t convinced by exploring the Andes or seeing tree-frogs, then the education of your muscles should be worth it in and of itself. : ) New Year Peru Holiday

So please feel free to contact me with any questions! And view my official retreat page for detailed information. I look forward to seeing you in Peru!
Machu Picchu Yoga Holiday