Hip-Opening Yoga Sequence

Hip-Opening Yoga Sequence

As a continuation to my yoga video series, this video focusing on the hips! Tight hips can be the cause of many other pains, and many muscles are connected to our very mobile hip joint. The hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, and all the glute muscles (glute min, glute med, glute max and piriformis) are connected to the hip and pelvis. So here are 9 simple hip-openers that you can do at home. (Or at the office, maybe you can inspire your coworkers!)

So find some relaxing music and follow along:


Beginner Friendly Yoga Routine

Beginner Friendly Yoga Video!

Not everyone can get to a yoga studio or hire a private yoga instructor. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to do yoga in the comfort of your own home! So here’s a beginner friendly yoga routine in my youtube video series. This one is great for beginner’s or advanced yoga practitioners. I give several options for classic poses, since an injury or tightness may mean a certain pose is not optimal for you.
Some of the poses covered are:

  • downward dog
  • dolphin/dolphin supinate
  • cobra
  • plank
  • turbo plank with active serratus
  • crescent pose
  • runner’s lunge
  • bridge pose
  • yogic breathing
  • spinal twist
  • cat-cow
  • bird-dog
  • core work
  • child’s pose

So find some relaxing music, and follow along!