Kombucha Punch Recipe

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the heat, the beach, and the long days of sunlight. Of course, there are summer activities that aren’t exactly healthy. The first one Kombuch Fruit Punchthat comes to mind…drinking! I don’t want to sound like the party killer; drinking alcohol in moderation is fine. Just don’t forget these important facts: Alcohol has 7 calories per gram (more than carbs or protein!) so a few drinks can easily affect your waistline. Also, alcohol is a sugar, and it’s usually mixed with simple sugars (like soda or grenadine), which can affect your blood sugar. Too much on a regular basis can put someone at risk for diabetes! It also dehydrates the body, and strains the liver. The liver is between 30%-38% of our metabolic rate, the highest of any other organ! When the liver is strained, you can gain weight more easily and process everything more slowly. This can lower the immune system, digestive function, and a whole host of problems.

That being said, I love throwing parties! I whip up a batch of this kombucha punch, which is much healthier than regular punch or a mixed drink. (And it can be a good mixer, my friends always spike theirs.) Kombucha is a fermented beverage, so it contains microflora, or beneficial bacteria. This recipe is also low in simple sugar, and contains Vitamin C. You can experiment with different flavors, and add whatever you want!
Happy summer!

Kombucha Fruit Punch Kombucha Punch

  • 2-3 bottles Kombucha (plain or ginger)
  • 1 liter sparking water (Arrowhead or another spring water source is best)
  • 2-3 cups pomegranate or cherry juice
  • 2 fresh lemons or limes
  • Ice Cubes*
  • Sprigs of fresh mint (optional)
  • Punch Bowl

*Bonus: To add some aesthetic beauty to your punch, you can freeze mint leaves and a slice of lemon inside your ice cubes. 


In the punch bowl, add ice. Pour in the bottles of kombucha, the sparkling water, and the cherry/pomegranate juice. Using a strainer or lemon bags (to catch the seeds), squeeze the fresh lemons/limes into the punch. For some extra flair, you can add fresh mint sprigs. If adding mint, twist the sprigs together and rip the leaves a bit, releasing their flavor. If you don’t like mint but want to add something extra, you can add any fruit you like. Throw in raspberries, slices of apple, lemon, or cranberries! Add a serving spoon and your done!

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