Bike Downtown LA with CicLAvia

Los Angeles is definitely not known for it’s bike-friendliness. Aside from the beach path, it can be a little scary riding through the streets of LA, weaving through the many angry, fast-moving cars. But this Sunday, April 10th, they will be closing off 7.5 miles of downtown LA for bikes and pedestrians only! Inspired by a similar street closure event in Bogota, Colombia, you can have the chance to walk, talk, bike, socialize, and discover places on the streets of LA you would have never noticed by car.
And, to make it more festive, there will be booths, food, and activities. If you’re worried about parking, there are many “meeting” spots in different parts of town for bikes and buses. Also, participation is free, which always makes a good event even better.
Check the website and blog for FAQ’s, map, meeting spots, and other info.

Basic Stats:

Sunday, April 10th 2011

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