Alkaline Water Bottle: DYLN Inspired Review

Akaline Water on the Go: The DYLN Inspired Water Bottle

DYLN Inspired Water Bottle I got this water bottle from an Indiegogo campaign, and I have to say, I’m pretty pleased. The bottle has a diffuser in the bottom filled with mineral beads, and it’s supposed to create “living water” for better health and hydration. What is “living water,” you ask? Well, the water bottle can:

  • Raise the alkalinity of your water. I tested this myself with PH strips, and it works! Watch the video below to see the test.
  • Micro-clusters your water for better hydration. It creates smaller H20 molecule clusters, to permeate cells and truly hydrate.
  • Reduces oxidation level of water. Oxidation can cause cellular damage, and anti-oxidants lower the oxidation rate and kill free radicals. This is good for the immune system, and decreasing the chance of disease.
  • Far-infrared. I didn’t know much about this, except that I used to go in far-infrared saunas to detoxify. Infrared is apparently a specific wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum, which increases metabolism and body repair.

vitabeads_featureThis all sounds fantastic, but I wanted to test it and see if it worked! So I used PH strips to test the alkalinity of water before and after sitting in the DYLN bottle. And it worked! The PH was raised quite a bit. See the video below for the full test.

Also, the company is launching a clothing line with imbedded beads for infrared capabilities! They’ve done some tests, and the it’s pretty neat to the see the level of decreased inflammation. And, of course, what really caught my eye…is that they look so cute…I really want this jacket. And the tank top. Check out their website for more info:

DYLN Inspired Jacket and Clothing Line

DYLN Inspired Evolve Support Tank

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