Why the “No Poo” Method is Bad for Your Hair

I am all about natural, easy, and cost-effective beauty products. I also love creating my own, as I find it very empowering (and usually a lot cheaper) to be free of the Whole Foods beauty section.

So, when I heard of the “No Poo” method I jumped right on the bandwagon. Supposedly, shampoo strips your hair of natural oils, causing them to over-produce more oil, so that you have to wash your hair every day. The idea of “No Poo” is that you don’t use regular shampoo and conditioner. You use baking soda and water to wash your hair, and apple cider vinegar to condition it. Sounds easy, right?

Well, my hair didn’t take too well at first….it was super greasy, plus the ends were becoming dry and frail. But, on all the websites, it says there’s a “transition period” for your hair. It is supposed to stop over-producing oils, and start to regulate and look cleaner naturally.

I waited…and waited…and waited…it had been about 4 months, and my hair looked terrible. It was so stringy and straw-like, that it looked like dry dread-locks 10 minutes after brushing it. The ends were so damaged that the split end was split, then the split of that was split. It looked terrible, and I had to wear it up all the time. I tried many hair masks; like egg whites, cocoa butter and honey. I started using shampoo and conditioner again, which helped, but it still was not restored to its normal luster.

A friend’s hair stylist heard I was doing this, and told her to tell me “For the love of God, stop! You’re damaging your hair!” So I did some research…and found some great articles that explained why this method is actually terrible for your hair. The pH in baking soda is too high, disrupting the natural pH balance. “Alkaline shampoos strip the hair’s natural oils and disrupt the acid mantle, causing dehydration and leading to porous, fragile hair.” (The DermaDoctor SkinStruction Manual, 2005)

As the article above suggests, I tried some other natural methods. Honey made my hair greasy and did not fix the damaged ends. I tried aloe, which made clumps of my hair come out!!! AHHH!!!!

I’ve been growing my hair out for 2 years now, and I was afraid I had destroyed it forever. I didn’t want to have to chop it all off. Luckily, I found a salon in Brentwood called Byuti that does natural hair masques. (They called them “Byuti Blenders.”) It’s a base of camellia, sesame, and shea butter. Then they add different serums made with botanical extracts and proteins custom for your specific hair.

As my blog shows, I’m all about “do it yourself,” homemade, easy alternatives. But, there comes a point when it’s cheaper and easier to let the professionals handle it. If I were to buy all the ingredients they used by myself, it would not be cheap. Yes, I’d get to use them again, but I would also have to “experiment” a lot to find the right match, which could end up costing me much much more than I need to. Plus, they give your hair a steam to infuse the mixture. (Everyone knows how much a love saunas, so a steam for my hair was awesome!) And the result? Fully restored hair!!!! I couldn’t be happier that I don’t have to shave my head and start over.

Although I may experiment with different natural shampoos, I think I’m just gong to use the most natural shampoos I can find and call it a day. And, I’m going to treat myself to a Byuti hair masque every few months to keep it healthy. (Spending $35-$60 every few months is DEFINITELY worth keeping my hair from falling out, right? Not to mention I get about 10 compliments a day…that never hurts…)

So check out the video below to actually see my hair transformation. Let me know what you think!